Mixed By Monkeys

Mixed By Monkeys is a label aimed primarily at the House, Progressive and Trance markets, to release music for the dance floor be it in the club, festival, or wherever the mood hits! Label artists are chosen for their veteran DJ experience and respect for the styles and times before the current bubble of pop dance (EDM). Mixed By Monkeys comes from a time when electronic dance music was a little more underground. Influences being the original Hooj Choons and Bonzai record labels circa the late 90’s to early 2000’s.  Our one guilty pleasure is admittedly, our drunken indulgence in the occasional top 40 and 80’s bootlegs! Moving forward our style of dance music aims to be fresh and without influence, not copying trends, but rather becoming the new and blazing trails. Lead never follow, innovate never sell out!


Based out of Canada, the label is focused on finding and releasing the local DJ's and producers of western Canada, the northwest USA and California, in an exploding location sometimes overlooked by the larger dance music world.  The label has DJ’s, studio support, and A&R in the cities of Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, to ensure a high level of quality, exposure, and to maximize the chances that label Monkey's might find Canada's next Ritchie Hawtin or Max Graham, and California's next Christopher Lawrence.


Label boss Monkey is Canadian DJ veteran Earl Von Bye. His knowledge of the music industry and professionalism is accomplished. His skills as a DJ, studio producer, and engineer are also noteworthy. Successful already as a partner in the vinyl Trance label - "Black Tiger Recordings" he is a steady, experienced and wise Jedi Master. He is a hands on leader and is actively involved with each and every label artist, and personally cares for each and every Monkey on the roster. His popular “Drunken Monkey” DJ company has enjoyed notoriety and reputation going back 14 years and grows now with an international audience who follow the Drunken Monkey Podcast.






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