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The process to become a career DJ is now very much like running a business. If you think you can simply rock out and wing it all the time to get "discovered" you're really dreaming. Career DJ's are about more than just having mixing skills & musicianship (albeit a must have). It is very much about branding and working the business of you.

-You are the business of marketing and selling your brand which includes your image and style, your original music and remixes, your skills at performing live shows, your recordings and podcasts, your website, Facebook, twitter, soundcloud, managing fans and working to keep your name active in the music scene, and active with your fans, and building a fan base. Then on top of that, there's the business of managing and making contacts and actively banging on every door to get gigs and shows, managing contracts, copyrights, legalities and obligations. Oh that's all? Actually that's just scratching the surface. It's beyond a 24/7 job. It's a daunting task to build the foundation and grow a career in music. Truth be told very few succeed. It won't just happen by accident. And if you build a house of cards it will fall. Do you even know where to start? Anyone who thinks they can tackle all this singlehandedly is without a doubt going to fail. However it's not impossible, with a little help, to put all the bricks and blocks in place to build a solid foundation upon which to build your castle! We can keep you on track and build with you. Elvis had The Colonel, maybe you can have a Monkey.



The music and DJ scene can be a place of amazing love and joy. But it is also not for the faint of heart. The way is often a rocky road, also filled with peril and disappointment. There are so many paths and doors it can spin your head. It sure never hurts to have someone to walk the path alongside you.

-Someone who has the experience of 10,000 hours, and the wisdom of years and having walked the path before. Maybe you just need someone to talk to, talk music, or anything.  Knowing someone who understands the DJ world and knows the music scene can be an invaluable friend for a DJ on the career path. Someone you can bounce ideas off, ask questions, and look up to and count on, to understand and be on your side. Find a mentor. Luke had Yoda, maybe you can have a Monkey.



Learning and improving is an ongoing part of being a DJ. No matter how long you've been working, and regardless of how good, practiced, or natural you may be, there will always be someone better than you, and also lesser than you. Be the best you can be, and as they say, practice practice practice.

-No lie, be prepared to put in your 10,000 hours, and if you can't or aren't willing, do not expect to reach the top. Like any pro athlete, behind the very best there is a very good coach. The DJ world is no different. You will benefit from someone to push your limits, guide your skills, hone your technique, and have an ear to help you find your sound and style.  You can trust a Barrel O' Monkeys DJ Master to be there for you. We can teach and train the beginner just getting started of any age, and even push and test a "master" who thinks he knows everything. Neo had Morpheus, maybe you can have a Monkey.



Phew! OK that was a lot to absorb we know. But this is good because we really only want serious minds and we know anyone truly serious about a DJ career will take the time. 


You must have questions. Ask away! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiries and we can talk as in depth as you want on any topic.





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What Barrel O' Monkeys does:


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