What Flying Monkeys does:

The Flying Monkey’s Studio is located centrally in the city of Calgary, Canada. Our sister studio is in downtown Las Vegas, USA


Some of the services available are as follows:


Mix and record live DJ sets for professional demos, podcasts and broadcasts.

-Professionally mastered and archived to desired format be it CD, Wave, MP3 etc. or uploaded to desired location. Play it the way you like or take our advice. Play on your own gear or use our professional industry standard equipment. Really hear what you’re doing on high quality studio sound reinforcement. More bass? No problem!

Not afraid? You will be…you will be!


DJ practice sessions & instruction.

-whether you just want to get out of the bedroom, or maybe get ready for your next gig somewhere you can “crank it”. Play out on Vinyl, CDj’s, or digital, it’s your call. Are you a new DJ looking for instruction or critique? Ask us and we will set you up with one of our Drunken Monkey Jedi Masters.

Do or do not, there is no try!


Mastering services for original tracks and remixes.

-Professional DAW workstation at your command, with an experienced Engineer and most importantly, unbiased ears. While our focus is dance music, in the end we are music lovers and we totally love working with any genre, size, shape or colour of project.

Good mastering is like the Force, it surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together!


Production and remix services.

-For the musician and artists out there, and yes the DJ too!  In today’s world it’s simply not enough to be just a DJ and have a successful career. To get ahead, DJing and music production go hand in hand. With full label support on our Mixed By Monkey’s label, and our sister label, Black Tiger Recordings, if your work shines we may just unleash it on the world. You could be a Monkey too! The only way a DJ can build a career is to write music. Are you up for the challenge?

Your focus determines your reality!


Vinyl mastering and pressing.

-Yeah no kidding! Vinyl is alive and well, in fact sales have reached a 10 year peak. Did anyone see that coming? Actually yes, our good friends and partners at Black Tiger Recordings have been working “The Dark Side” for over 10 years now. With their assistance us Monkey’s can have all the vinyl we want! While we don’t actually “cut” your masters (yet), we do however take your digital tracks and prep them for vinyl master cutting. This is not a simple process and by working with us you can draw upon our years of hands on experience directly. We have the expertise and the ears needed to ensure your next release on vinyl sounds as good as it can be. We have worked with some of the worlds top cutting engineers who understand how critically important it is to cut a great sounding record. Then on to the Pressing Plant!

That’s no moon, it’s a space station!






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